Welding Project Problems:
And Their Solutions

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Welding Project Problems can develop during EVERY arc welding project!
* Material issues.
* Problems with the welds themselves.
* Problems with your equipment.
* And un-for-seen issues.

Let's start with Material Problems:
* Dealing with large gaps?
* Repeated breaks or cracks?
* Warp-age issues?

Project Problems with the actual welds:
1) Undercutting.
2) "Cold weld".
3) Un-even beads.
4) Your weld cracks/breaks.
5) You're getting shocks/tingles.
6) Massive beads.

Project Problems with your equipment:
1) First your cutting torch.
* When your tanks are OFF?
* Orifices.
* If the flame separates from the tip.
* Bad splatter & popping.
* A sucking, squealing noise.
* Make sure that all fittings are tight!

2) Project Problems with your flux cored welder:
* Don't let go of the wire end!
* If you feel the wire pushing against the bottom of the puddle.
* Try not to keep the nozzle end too close to the puddle.
* When you first start the weld.
* Uneven feeding?
* Can't see an actual puddle?

3) Project Problems with Your stick welder:
* Overheating too much?
* The electrode was running OK then started to stick a lot?
* Can't see the puddle?

4) Welding Project Problems with Electrodes:
* Finger-nailing.
* The rod flux comes off in chunks?
* Can't get the arc started?

Un-for-seen Problems: As a beginning welder at Weyerheauser Timber Company I came across many problems that were "un-for-seen." I learned to ASK the experienced welders for help.

*Then as I became more experienced, I learned to FIGURE IT OUT for myself!
*So, learn from my advice at first, then LEARN to "figure it out for yourself!"
*The best experience I've had is taking upon myself the WHOLE job from start to finish!

YOU will be at that point sooner than you think!

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