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I will help you understand the common welding terms related to arc welding and related subjects. This includes stick welding, flux cored, the cutting torch, and much more.

* Written for understanding by beginning welders.
* I won't include several terms that are for special processes, or other subjects that you may likely never use.

There will be multiple pages (or "Parts") to include many arc welding related items.
* There is no reason to include terms that you won't understand, nor ones you likely won't use as a beginning welder.
* I have looked through other Welding Books and seen a lot of engineering terms, metallurgy, chemistry, and on & on.

I will NOT be doing that here!

Note that if there are related terms that you think I should include please use the "Contact Me" button at left.

Although I'm a certified welder with over 20 years' experience, I certainly make mistakes. My intent is to provide you with quality, USEFUL information!

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