In all it's awesomeness!

Welding is truly a unique skill to have!
* I will show you cool pictures...
* I remind you to review important safety considerations...
* You get some BRIEF "how to weld" tips...
* You'll get the "what, when, where, why, how, & the who!
* Then I'll remind you to read ALL my site's pages!

Let's start with some great pictures:

"The WHO:"
* Greetings dudes & dudettes: I became certified & journey-level more than 20 years ago.
* I'm a family guy with a wife, 2 daughters, & 2 grandsons (toddlers).
* I hunt, write, & draw. I play softball, tennis, & even some lousy golf.
* I want to SHARE my skills & ideas with YOU guys & gals!

"The WHY":
* You can create something from nearly nothing...
* You'll have a skill that many people will watch you in wonderment...
* You FEEL like you've accomplished something & you can SEE the results...
* You can learn that setting goals is GREAT.... and that doing something about them NOW is even GREATER!

* In the early 1900's, welding was already going strong, and got big boosts during the World Wars to build ships & planes & trucks.
* From the beginning, the idea was to get the metals hot enough to permanently join them.
* The machines now look GREAT (and cost a lot more), but the idea is basically the same: heat 'em & join 'em.
* Even TIG, MIG, & FLUX CORED have been around quite awhile.
* But every day when someone runs their first "bead", there becomes a rookie that wants to continue the rest of their LIFE!

* I've worked in sawmills, bark plants, plywood mills, log hauls, and many other related wood product buildings. Plus I've worked on nearly every conceivable type of device at homes & a few farms.
* It's ALL great experience! A good start at home plus a bit of local schooling can get you a great job, or simply help you get better at home.

The HOW:
* Practice correctly, then practice MORE!

1) Learn SAFETY...
2) Learn the SETTINGS...
3) Teach your eyes & hands the MOTIONS...
4) PRACTICE again & again!

Now visit EVERY PAGE of my website! There is something to learn on EVERY PAGE!

That's what my website is about: to TEACH YOU ALL ABOUT WELDING, not just "running beads"!

Note: Credits for all above pics are included elsewhere with-in this site.

Thanks so much for visiting! Please come back often!

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