Welding Schools:
It's Decision Time!

Welding Schools can provide you with important HANDS ON experience.
* Many beginning welders will eventually want to take at least a few welding courses.
* I will help you decide.

Think about what you want from welding:
1) Will you simply just want to weld at home?
2) Do you want to eventually create your own business?
3) Are you striving to work for the BEST PAYING jobs & companies?
4) Or can you only afford to try for WHATEVER jobs you can get?

Decide your short & long term goals RIGHT NOW!
* Even if you're just wanting to "do it yourself" at home, you may still want to take a quarter or two of basic welding classes.
* BUT running beads & practicing various techniques within this website will help you move along faster & gain more from a course!

Sources for Welding Training:

Welding Training Sources:
1) Books: Paperback, hard-copy books can help you learn a lot in the beginning. Check out some library copies.
2) E-books: Essentially what you're reading now. Some will help you more than others. Some don't cover areas that YOU want to learn about. Check out more than one.
3) Welding Videos: Many sites, including YouTube have several free videos that you can watch. Check those out too.
4) Home Training: I have learned as much from all the welding I've done at home, as I have at work or school! Doing it yourself is a VALUABLE learning tool!
5) Welding Schools: Going in-person to a school always has strong advantages over all the other sources. Direct over-the-shoulder help is NEEDED to become "Journey-level"!
6) "On the Job Training": If you can get your foot in the door as a "welder's helper" & get "OJT", you CAN eventually become a Journeyman Welder (If they have a program to do that).

Make your choices SOON & start somewhere!

This first link is via Everlast Power Equipment: Producer of high quality multiple types of welding & cutting machines:


CLICK HERE for a great link to schools
in the USA & Canada!

Local Schools:

Most of us will likely choose a school LOCALLY for affordability & convenience:

Here's some search-sites to help you find Schools that aren't too far away: (check these plus OTHERS because different sites have different results!)

For "College Surfing.com" click below:(a quick & easy site)

Go to College Surfing.com

For "Welding Schools.com" click below: (another quick & easy site)

Go to Welding Schools.com"

For "Welding.com" click below: (Still another quick & simple site)

Go to www.welding.com

"Travel To" Schools:

Here are some major schools that may require traveling for most people:

Lincoln Electric of Cleveland, Ohio:

Go To Lincoln Electric School Website

Hobart of Troy, Ohio:

Go To Hobart website

Advanced Welding Institute: (So.Burlington, Vt.)(Pricing, grade structure, full time, PLUS part time courses)

Go To Advanced Welding Institute.com

Trade Schools.net: (Includes UNDERWATER WELDING!)(In Florida, South Carolina, & New Jersey)

Go To Trade Schools.net

Tulsa Welding School: (Jacksonville, Fla., and Tulsa, OK.)

Go To Tulsa's School website

Good Luck Guys & Gals!

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