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This site map will help you know about EVERY PAGE on my website, plus a brief description of each page.

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HOME- To the site's MAIN PAGE.

WELDING SAFETY- Welding & cutting safety tips.
Welding Safety Details- Specific safety tips.

WELDING TOOLS- Begins pages about common & special welding tools.
Welding Tools You Need- My minimum recommended tools.
Welding Tools You Want- Tools you'll want when you can afford them.
Special Welding Tools- Tools designed just for welding type work.

ARC WELDING- The "intro" to pages that help you step by step to arc weld.
Setting The Arc Welder- Details to help you get started.
The Arc and The Puddle- Striking the arc & watching the puddle.
Electrode Control- Tips on rod manipulation.
Weld Evaluation- Looking closely at your finished welds.
Troubleshooting Tips- Helping you figure out problems.
Welding Tips by Larry Brewer- Tips from a friend.
Welding Rods- I talk about the more common welding rods.
Welding Preparation- Things to do before you weld.
Welder Wisdom- Thinking "Beyond just running beads".
Welding Ideas- More welding ideas, odds & ends.

ARC WELDING TIPS- All types of welding & cutting tips.

ARC WELDING ORDER- The "order of events" for welding jobs.
Arc Welding Design- Help with design ideas & improvements.
Welding Supplies- Places to get new or used metals & supplies.
Welding Layout- Things to do & consider before you weld.
Welding Assembly- The "order of events" of the welding job.
Welding Project Problems- Material, welding, & equipment problems.
Finishing Arc Welding Projects- Tips on completing the job.

FLUX CORED- Tips about using flux core wire feed welders.

UNDERWATER WELDING- Pictures & details.

WELDING STAINLESS- Special tips & considerations.

ALUMINUM WELDING- Some helpful details.

CUTTING TORCH- Safety & "how to" information.

PLASMA CUTTER- I help you to decide if you're ready to buy one.

WELDING PICTURES- Multiple pictures & comments.

WELDING TERMS- A series of pages explaining common terms.

WELDING PROJECTS- From work & home.

WELDING QUESTIONS- Common welding questions. Send in your beginning welder questions via the "Contact Me" button at the left blue "Navbar".

WELDING SCHOOLS- I help you decide how much schooling you may need depending on your goals. (Books, videos, "OJT", & resident schools).

ABOUT ME- Who I am & why I'm building this site.

CONTACT ME- A way for you to ask questions or make suggestions.

PRIVACY POLICY- To help ensure that you know that your personal information is secure with me & the site.

HOW I DID THIS SITE- Details about why & how I built this site. PLUS information on Solo Build It!, the company that helped me create this site.

SITE MAP- THIS page to help you know about ALL the pages I've built.

MAKE MONEY- Make Money by sending in your welding ideas! $25 each month to the best idea! (see the form by clicking on "Make Money" on the "Navbar" at left).

SPECIAL PROJECTS- For Fun, I give you very "special projects" to decide how you would solve the "problem". (then contact me with your ideas).

WELDING VIDEOS- I give you links to good welding videos from YouTube. Soon, I'll be loading up MINE for you!

NEWSLETTER- My periodic welding newsletter to update you about my website, including contest winners & selected reader ideas to share with you.

WELDING HELMETS- Welding Helmets are IMPORTANT. I help you to learn more about them & then make good decisions.

GAS WELDING- I help you get started, plus link you to videos.

WELDING- The Whole Welding Story, summarized.

SALES PAGE- My ebook is READY!

I'll always be updating this site, so there will be changes to this "Site Map" to include new items.

Thanks for touring my site map!

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