Special Projects:
These Require Special Thinking!

This page of "Special Projects" is for the sole purpose of having some FUN!
* Periodically I will present you with unusual welding situations for you to dream up ways to solve the problem(s).
* Someday, you might actually have similar issues to deal with. But hopefully not.
* Anyone can send in ideas to share with me, & I'll share the best, or most unique ones through this page.
* If there is enough interest in this page, I may decide to give CASH PRIZES to the best entry each month.

What do you think?

Latest Special Project:

The SPECIAL tow system:
OK guys and gals, what would YOU do here??
1) Immediately remove the trailer & borrow someone's truck??
2) Rig a heavier tow system & add an air lift??
3) Use as is, & just go a little ways??

If this is YOURS or you know something about it, please let me know how it went!!

Previous Project:

The big trailer:
So now you decide to buy this trailer:
1) Are you REALLY going to buy it?
2) Will you use it "as is"?
3) Just add some bracing?
4) Or practically rebuild it?

I would probably not buy it. But if I DID, I would...? WAIT! I want you to tell me what YOU would do! How industrious are you guys? Contact me & give me and my other readers some ideas.

Previous Special Project:

Your "assignment", should you choose to accept it:
Tell me what you think this trailer CARRIES.
* It looks like an ordinary trailer from the front, sort of.
* But looking from the rear, it's a bit of a mystery.
* Note that I DO KNOW what goes on it.

I'll send $25 U.S. Dollars to the FIRST correct answer I receive. Any takers?

Just use the "Contact Me" button at left.

Oh well, no one got it! It's built so low because it carries a heavy roller-type unit. I watched them unload it, so I knew what it carried, but I doubt that I would have guessed it either!

This was your first "Project":

It's STILL stranded because nobody told me how they'd get it to safety!

OK, here's the deal:
How would YOU get the truck to safety??

1) There's YOU, plus one buddy to help you out.
2) There needs to be Welding involved!
3) No crane, no helicopter, no fork-lift, no backhoe, & no winch.
4) Create a path to get it out to safety, then DRIVE it off.
5) You have $100 & a friend that will let you use their portable welder.
6) You can buy, beg, borrow, (but not steal) new or used materials.
7) The materials can be any combination of metal & wood.

Let me know how you'd do it! Use the "Contact Me" button at the "Navbar" at left.

If this is YOUR TRUCK:
Tell me how things went!

There will be more of these "Projects" upcoming!

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