Welding Helmets

Welding Helmets are more important than many new welders realize!

There are many types and many prices!

First: Chuck that hand-held helmet as soon as you can!
Second: At LEAST get a $20 basic black flip-lens type.
Third: For about $35 you can get a large lens flip-up regular helmet. (Hobart #770003, via Amazon.com).
Fourth: If you've got $60 get a basic auto-darkening helmet from weldinghelmetstore.com, or wherever else.
Fifth: If you can afford to, shop around at a local welding shop to see if there's any that you can get. If not go to Craigslist, or similar place. (Example: $65 late model "auto" in Longbeach, Cal.)(VIA Craigslist).

Helmets can be anywhere from about $20 to $300 PLUS!

Before You Buy Welding Helmets:

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There's more to consider that just COSTS!

1) Lens Type: Auto-darkening or Regular Lens.
2) Variable or Fixed Shade.
3) Switching times.
4) How they're powered:
* Battery.
* Solar.
5) Safety:
*ANZI Z87 - 2003 or newer are the safer ones. Older ones may fatigue your eyes more, due to how fast/slow they change shades/darkness.

Please at least get one of these & chuck the one with the handle!
This one will get you through your beginning training until you can afford something else. Some people even keep this type around as a back-up.

Basic auto-darkening helmets like above will be suitable for most people for years.
You COULD get a large lens flip-up regular helmet, as I mentioned above. (Hobart #770003, via Amazon.com).

Miller has this eagle auto-darkening type. I MIGHT consider this one, if I get rambunctious.

This one is kinda cool, but I'd probably pass.

These FMX helmets give you yet more choices.

When you're ready for up-grades: go IN PERSON to a welding supply shop & see them first hand. And ASK questions to help you decide.

Then, if they are too expensive, just order on-line (NEW or USED).

Photo by: "marshall astor at flickr.com"

If you can afford an auto-darkening welding helmet now, I feel that even as a beginner, you could probably progress faster at learning to weld!

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