Welding Pictures
For your Enjoyment & your Wonderment

The Following Welding Pictures will help you dream up your own creations and also help you believe that YOU can do it!

* Many of these pictures are in fact from people just like you that have done their own thing.
* These pictures will give you ideas, that you can build upon.
* And just as importantly, they will entertain you!

Welding Pictures Part 1:

"Gas Works Park", Seattle, Washington
An approximately 18" welded pipe joint. Actually there are several joints that were done at this park that were bolted or riveted, rather than welded.

Below are some old pics from the Denver Post:

Denver Post, Chicago welder, 1943.

Denver Post, 1943 locomotive. Weyerheauser runs their engines inside a big building to repair & weld on them.

Denver Post, 1943, railroad yard in Chicago. Massive spark show.

Denver Post, 1943, rebuilding a caboose, in Chicago.

Denver Post, building the Shasta Dam, California.

Denver Post, 1942, welding on a ship boiler.

Photo by" "jakesmome at flickr.com"
Not often do you see 2 welders at the same time!

Photo by: "dave mcmt at flickr.com"

Now THAT'S a big welding shop!

Photo by: "rocketjim54 at flickr.com"

Nice precision bike repair, eh?

Photo by: "mborowick at flickr.com"

He's right "at home", at work.

Photo by: "mess of pottage at flickr.com"

Bike trainer needs repaired. How would YOU go about it?

Photo by: "stevendamron at flickr.com"

I'd rather be in a "cherry picker" up there than hanging by a rope!

Photo by: "jovivek at flickr.com"

Welding in the dark is kinda cool.

Photo by: "ctd 2005 at flickr.com"

Sometimes you gotta take it in the face! Wear protection!

Photo by: "ctd 2005 at flickr.com"

Their new radio station rack looks great!

Photo by: "julio miyares at flickr.com"

High welder, high pay, high risk, high attention!

Photo by: "pinmonkeypress at flickr.com"

An ink desk arc welding job: Even if you don't know what it is, you can still weld it!

Photo by: "dana + leroy at flickr.com"

He looks pretty comfortable for doing overhead welding.

Photo by: "theslowlane at flickr.com"

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. There are others in the works.

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