My experience, my goals, my family, & my mug shot!

About me & my Experience:

I started working as a Journey-level welder for Weyerheauser Timber Company more than 20 years ago. That was the same year that I became a certified welder in Washington State.

I weld today because it's cool & interesting! If you can DREAM it, you can probably WELD it!

About my REASONS for My Website:

I'd been wanting to write a book about welding for years. Recently I purchased a few "ebooks" on the subject. At first, I thought that maybe there is already more than enough information out there.

Upon reading further into these books, I noticed that there was FAR TOO MUCH DATA but NOT ENOUGH USABLE INFORMATION!
* In one book, it was page 150 before they even talked about "striking an arc!"
* There were too many tables and graphs.
* There were also too many drawings & photos of every conceivable weld joint.
* Many illustrations were too dark to see details.
* Plus, even I was confused while trying to figure out what they meant when trying to describe a "trick of the trade" or a process!

* How is the average beginning welder going to grasp this stuff?
* THAT'S when I knew that I DID want to start this website & share The whole story of arc welding without the dry data!

About my goal:
To simply share understandable & useful welding information. And to influence you to be safe & do your best job. And finally, to tell ALL about arc welding, and going "Beyond the Arc".

About me and my family:
I'm the "baby brother" to 4 brothers & 2 sisters.
I'm a hunter, I like to draw things, I love softball, & I tinker with electronic gadgets. And YES, I WELD!

What I've learned from doing this website: "Setting goals is great! Doing something about them NOW is even GREATER!"

My Business Card: It tells the WHOLE STORY OF MY WEBSITE!

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