Arc Welding Tips:
The Past, The Present, & "Beyond"

There are several pages of Arc Welding Tips related to this main page.

I've arranged & highlighted these tips in ways that make it easy for you to skim through to the ones that you want to see first.

welded motorcycle

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If you practice a lot & keep trying, YOU can create work like this chopper!

welded cubes

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Your creations can be ANYTHING!

These Welding Tips pages contain many welding, cutting, & related subject ideas that are useful to all welders.

The Past:
Tips that are mentioned elsewhere in the website, that I feel are important enough, & useful enough to express again.

The Present:
Tips that I'm presenting to you for the first time. They are an accumulation of things I've learned from my own experiences and from my fellow workers.

The "Beyond":
Tips that are "Beyond" just running beads, and those that I'll be adding on a continual basis.

PLUS, in the near future there will be "idea entries" from YOU, MY READERS!

I've added a page that will show off YOUR ideas sent in to the website! I'll be rewarding your best ideas with CASH PRIZES!
(see "Make Money" at the upper left "Navbar").

welding in racing

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My Welding Tips can help you WIN!

ironworker welding

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My Welding Tips can help you build great things for GREAT PAY!

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