Welding Ideas: Odds and Ends

Welding Ideas:

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Types of welding beads:
1) "Stringer".
2) Weave bead.
3) "Wash weave".

Large Arc Welding jobs?:
1) Use thicker walled steel, whether it's angle, tubing, flat bar, or other.
2) Use heavier weaved beads, and more beads.
3) Use filler material to cover gaps.
4) Brace it up: using gussets, knee bracing, & backing plates.
5) You may also need to use larger electrodes (or heavier wire).

Check out the pictures below using various means of strengthening: Even not-so-large jobs may need bracing.

Photos by "one tree hill studios at flickr.com"

Notice the use of heavy materials, gussets along the bottom, & knee bracing. In a sawmill most everything needs to be "beefed up"! If you ever work in a sawmill, they will WELCOME any good welding ideas from you!

I made my tank cart plenty heavy duty with gussets at the bottom & heavy 1 1/2" square tubing.

Welding Ideas:

** DETAILS about these ideas are in my ebook!**

1) Thin, light welding jobs?
2) Need a longer reach for your welder?
3) Are you going to do a LOT of flat welding?
4) Can't decide on getting an AC or a DC welder?
5) The "work horse" arc welding rod, the 6011.
6) Smaller is sometimes better: I'm talking WELDING rods here guys!

Got Senses?
* Pay attention with your eyes to closely watch the puddle.
* Listen for REGULAR sounds from the arc, & from your equipment.
* Check SMELLS for OTHER things that may be burning!
* If you FEEL sudden heat on your foot or hand, stop & see what's going on.
* HELP your "seeing the job" by protecting the welding & cutting lenses with cover shields. Check in the picture below of the difference between my welding lense & the roughed up protective cover. (They also protect your EYES!)

What if your weld breaks??
Sure you can re-weld or brace it, etc. But what if the weld is on a CUSTOMER'S job (or family or friend)??

This time I'm talking about PRIDE of your work!
So not only do I want you to listen to my ideas, I ALSO want you to do your BEST so that no one gets hurt!

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