Welder Wisdom is seeing
"the arc and beyond"

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Another happy welder guy!

Welder Wisdom: Let's "think about thinking."

Think about the IDEA:
1) We're not perfect. We need to accept that our idea might not work at first. But we can maybe FIND ways to make it happen.
2) Get the idea rolling in your head, then start putting it on paper. Plan SOMETHING, then START!
3) Don't re-invent the wheel! Many ideas get started while we're looking at the world around us. Then we visualize something & do our own thing.
4) Sketch & re-sketch! The first time you draw something, you may think, "that won't work, but maybe THIS will".
5) Be prepared to change plans more than once. You'll likely modify things before, during, & after you're done. Usually for me it's to "beef" things up. Sometimes it's to beautify. But also, change can many times actually be NECESSARY!

Think about SAFETY:
1) I usually "draw blood" even when I'm trying to be really safe. Being unsafe will most likely cause you PAIN.
2) Think safety for you AND for those around you.
3) Re-read my pages on welding safety. See the "NAVBAR" at left.

Think about your NEEDS:
1) Does it need to look good, or just be practical?
2) Is it going to be strong enough, or will it be too "hurkey"?
3) My wife many times TELLS me , "now don't make it too heavy". So for her I don't, but for me, I DO!

Welder Wisdom tells us to Think About SUCCESS:
1) You can build great projects without beautiful welds. Just make sure it's STRONG enough for the job. That's how I end up making things too heavy sometimes, I just don't want it to break.
2) Work on a positive attitude and BELIEVE that you can get the job done.
3) You CAN accomplish something even if you fail at first. You'll figure it out. Just use a little "Welder Wisdom".

Think about ASKING FOR HELP:
1) My wife was walking by me one day as I was working on something, and she says, "why don't you just do it THIS WAY?" And it worked!
2) "Go on-line!" Well.... that's how you got HERE, right? One suggestion is to go to Miller.com, & check into their forums. Look through them & you might see your answer there. If not, then WRITE IN a question.
3) I've welded for MANY years, but I don't have all the answers. But I'm going to try to give you a LOT of GOOD, USABLE information!

"There's more to welding than just running beads":

The first words out of my boss's mouth when I wanted to join the welding crew. He wanted to make SURE I knew about "welder wisdom" through "thinking everything out" before, during, and after "running beads". I soon knew exactly what he was talking about!

Are you starting to "get the picture" now of what I'm trying to accomplish with my website?

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