Weld Evaluation: Looking Critically

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Making a good finish is part of the weld evaluation:

* Make sure that when you get to the end of a weld, that you hesitate a bit to start to fill in the hole you left.
* Don't let your rod get really short before you stop.
* You don't want a weld that is overly huge in proportion to the material.
* Even if it's not too straight, it's still likely OK.
* If it's really uneven & bumpy, work on steadiness more.
* If you see an edge of the material beyond the edge of the weld bead, you have "undercut it".
* If the bead is "sitting on top" of the metal & it doesn't look like it's smoothly joined to the parent metal, turn the heat up.

Photo by: "Tanais at flickr.com"

This is a nice job. The welds are even, not "blobby", no under-cutting, & so on. You WILL be able to do this type work soon, if you pay attention to my tips, & pay attention DURING welding!

Photo by: "Well Tea at flickr.com"

The other end of the "scale". Here's my evaluation on THIS ONE: This person needs to open their eyes when welding!

Photo by: "Japanese craft construction at flickr.com"

If you don't smooth the work out, all that will change when you paint is the color! It also has that undercut to worry about. I'd do some grinding & sanding & then re-weld.

The Weld Evaluation "scoop":
1) Make a good finish so that the last part won't be a weak point.
2) Remember that SEEING the puddle clearly will really help you.
3) Knock off the slag & brush it.

Having problems getting good looking welds?

In the next "page" of this arc welding series, I'll be helping with various troubleshooting ideas to help improve your results.

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