Special Welding Tools:

Some welding tools are "needed", "wanted", AND "special"!

Special Welding Tools, include:
* Half clamps: you would be making your own.
* Pipe angle clamps: (vansantent.com) They hold pipes in desired positions for welding.
* Mule jacks, to push & pull on the work pieces.
* Magnetic arrow shaped holders.
* Magnetic torch guide. (adjustable)(flangewizard.com)
* Flush cutting torch tip. (for more precise dis-assembly).
* Pinch bar: a long pry bar, pointed at one end & a flat blade at the other.
* Cross Vise: a dual vise that provides movement in 2 directions.
* Drill Press: for easier & more precise work.
* "Rosebud" heating tip: a larger torch tip just for heating the work-piece.
* "Striker": to light your torch.
* "Persuader" hammers: larger hammers, including a sledge hammer.
* "Rattle Gun": an air-operated high speed slag-remover tool.
* Slag Hammer: the regular hand tool to remove slag.
* Tip Cleaners: multi-tipped tool for cleaning various size holes in welding and cutting tips of your torch.
* Bandsaw: for fast & precise material cutting.
* Angle Grinder: for dressing up after the welding is done.
* MIG Welding Pliers: multi-task pliers for working with your wire feed welder.
* "Jawhorse" clamping table. (really versatile)(Rockwell).

There are certainly more special welding tools, but that's good for now. You can do many jobs without most of the above tools, but they will help you get things done easier, better, & faster.

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