Arc Welding Design:
Let's keep it SIMPLE

In this part of my "Arc Welding Order" series, I share ideas about arc welding design:
I searched welding design sites & they just show you what THEY designed & that they want you to HIRE them to design & build from your ideas. None of them had any help for those that wanted to do their own thing!

Right HERE is the site that wants to help you!


First, here are some general things to think about when you begin drawing out your plans:
1) Think about ways to use FEWER pieces of materials. (fewer pieces = less welding & fitting) Especially if there is no need to worry about how strong it needs to be.
2) You don't need to make really wide open bevels. They just need to be open enough to make complete welds. (narrower bevels = less welding).
3) Think ahead before you start cutting. Save material by getting ALL the pieces you can from each piece; cut the biggest pieces from the smallest materials that you can, and/or get the most smaller pieces from what's left over.
4) Use fewer welds. But don't just "tack" & stop there, that's one thing that irritates me about some manufacturers. Many times they don't weld enough. You will eventually get to know if you need to do MORE or do LESS welding. Just don't weld EVERYTHING solid, everywhere, for every job.
5) Design for ACCESS: This means that you need to think about being ABLE to get to all the places that need welded! But it also means that you may want to weld more places BEFORE you assemble other parts.

Consider that your first arc welding design may not work!
Think about:
Material size & shape
Material Type
Fitting issues
Your Drawings
*Re-draw a LOT: It's better than more changes AFTER you start welding!

Arc Welding Design involves several things to think about, but make sure that that you also consider SAFETY!

drawing views

Your drawings can help you visualize what it will look like & if you want to add or remove items. I shade-in some drawings to help me see the whole picture.

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