"Arc Welding is more than just
running beads"

Would you like to learn HOW TO ARC WELD,
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Men, Women, Young, & Old can learn arc welding.

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Welcome to YOU who wish to learn HOW TO ARC WELD. This website is set up to help beginning welders. Experienced welders are invited too!

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You too can become the welding fanatic that I am!

• I will teach you welding safety...

• You will learn to run great “beads of weld”...

• Then you’ll learn “the rest of the welding story”:

1) Tools & equipment (The “needs” plus the really “wants”)

2) Planning & preparing, from your idea to the “done deal”

3) Selecting the materials and suggested sources

4) Design considerations (strength, beauty, practicality)

5) Layout (”putting all your cards on the table”)

6) Order of assembly (It can make a REAL difference)

7) Correcting problems (fixing & modifying)

8) Finishing (Does it look good? Will it last?)

9) And MORE

READ how to weld & more

WATCH me weld & more

Welding is about dreaming & creating:

Photo by: flagusco at flickr.com

Let me help you with these:

* You can learn the basics in a short time...

* Design & build your own stuff...

* You could eventually advance to great pay...

* Did I mention that arc welding is awesome?

I will show you in an "over the shoulder" way to go ahead & dream, then get it done. I give you lots of tips & tricks for various types of arc welding.

When I wanted to join the welding crew, the first words from my Department Head Boss were: "There's more to welding than just running beads." As I learned the whole process from having an idea to finishing the job, I understood exactly what he meant.

That is the goal of my website, to help YOU understand what he meant by that statement.

I get right to the point. There won't be 100's of pages of data, just good ol' welding "how to".

*WARNING*: This is NOT a text book, this is a readable & useful arc welding website!

Photo by: "mborowick at flickr.com"

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Welding Safety is for YOU to think about at all times. YOU are responsible for your own safety. Use common sense.
Welding Safety Details
I show you details about welding safety. This will help protect you & those nearby your work area.
Welding Tools
Welding Tools help you "make it happen". I help you decide which tools to buy, & give hints on their usage.
Arc Welding
Arc Welding is for ALL ages. Learn how to weld on my website, then have some fun creating stuff.
Arc Welding Tips
My Arc Welding Tips pages provide you with all kinds of tips about arc welding, the cutting torch, flux cored wire feed welding, & much more.
Arc Welding Order
Arc welding order refers to the process from your idea to the finished project. I give you details.
Flux Cored
Flux Cored welding is inexpensive, relatively easy to learn, & fairly versatile. But it has it's limits, so I recommend having a "stick welder" too.
Underwater Welding
Underwater Welding is a COOL job. But there are many other skills you would need to learn to go along with arc welding skills. There's a lot to do before you start "running beads"!
Welding Stainless Steel
Welding stainless steel is definately different than other welding techniques. From the look & feel to the finish, there are different ways to proceed. I'll help you understand more about stainless
Aluminum Welding
Aluminum Welding with a stick welder is pretty easy, but the look & feel while running beads is much different than with mild steel.
Cutting Torch
The cutting torch cuts steel like butter, but you must take care with how you use it & where it's used.
Plasma Cutter: Are you ready for one?
A Plasma Cutter is a really fast & clean-cutting machine, but it can be way too expensive for the beginner welder. I help you decide if you are ready to buy.
Welding Pictures
Welding Pictures for your enjoyment. See some welding wonders and a few welding "weirds"!
Welding Terms
Welding Terms will cover the "A to Z" of things related to arc welding, flux cored, cutting torch, etc. Written for easy understanding.
Welding Projects
This page connects you to several others that are of the "show & tell" type. You can learn from the welding projects I've completed.
Welding Questions
Welding Questions? I've got answers for you as a beginning welder. And I won't get technical on you!
Welding Schools
Welding Schools provide you with important HANDS ON experience that can take years to learn on your own. Many beginning welders will eventually take at least a few courses. I'll help you decide
About Me
"About me" means getting to the point; by sharing my knowledge, my experience, my family, and my mug shot!
Contact Me
Contact Me for questions and suggestions. How can I help you?
Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy protects your personal information.
How I Did This Site
How I did this site is all about following guidelines, one step at a time. That's it!
This Site Map lets you know EVERY PAGE on my website, with a brief description of each page.
Make Money
Make Money by sending in your welding ideas to me. I will give $25 once a month to whomever sent it in. I will post the best idea plus honorable mentions on the website.
Special Projects
My "Special Projects" page covers some very unique welding projects that require us all to really think about how to solve special problems!
Welding Videos
My Welding Videos page lets you see arc welding & related videos that I have reviewed & have recommended for you to watch. My personal videos are forthcoming.
My "The Arc And Beyond" Newsletter brings you the latest info about my website: Arc Welding And Beyond.
Welding Helmets
Welding Helmets are more important than many people realize. Once you've learned to weld basically, up-grade your helmet at least to a large lens type. When you can afford to, go for the auto-da
Gas Welding
Gas welding may be the process that the artistic type will use exclusively. Arc welders will likely want this skill too. I'll help you get started.
WELDING: In all it's awesomeness!
"The mother of all welding pages!"
The Arc And Beyond Welding Ebook sales page
The enlightened welding how to book. Learn arc welding plus many related skills.

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