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This welding videos page will help you to better visualize arc welding & other related techniques, that I feel will really benefit you.

* These links below will open the videos by way of YouTube. YouTube is a great sharing medium for public viewing from various sources.
* I WILL be adding my personal videos soon. I'm actually waiting for my daughter to move all her stored stuff from my welding shop area!
* I try to find at least SOME video examples that show the arc puddle through a lens so that you can actually SEE the puddle instead of just bright sparks.
* I will add more videos on a regular basis.
* Then I will show you MINE as soon as they are ready.

Here's the first one:

Video 1: Stick Welding

The above video talks about equipment & stick arc welding itself, including through-the-helmet views.

This next video is quite good too, just be patient till it gets going.

Video 2: Stick Welding

This video is mostly showing the puddle. You will get a really good idea of what you need to be seeing as you run your beads.

Video #3, below, contains things we ALL can relate to, at one time or another!
* He's having a bit of trouble getting the weld started.
* This is the sort of things that happen to us all! Even after we've welded for awhile.
* And when you get tensed up, it can get worse!
* Sometimes it's best to stop for a minute, & maybe get another fresh rod.

The many causes of sticking rods:
1) Tenseness, including that from trying to MAKE a video.
2) Not lifting the rod back up after hitting or dragging it.
3) The "heat setting" is too low.
4) The rod is damp or otherwise not good.
5) The rod may not have the flux coating on it, making it harder to start & run.
6) Eye-hand coordination issues, usually due to lack of experience.

Video 3: Stick Welding

Here's video 4: FLUX CORED, showing a young lady teaching a guy some basic techniques.


Video #5: More FLUX CORED welding.
* Some details about welding speeds & angles. It's a great video.


Video #6: Using a CUTTING TORCH.

Notice these things:
1) He eventually puts on gloves.
2) He makes a good straight & clear cut.
3) Note the slight angle of the cutting tip & the sparks angling ahead of perpendicular.
4) But PLEASE put on goggles!



You gotta see the whole thing! This is a GREAT welding video that tells the whole story about civilian underwater welding, training, hazards, etc:



This one's for YOU LADIES!
Hear it from the women welders themselves!


More videos will be coming:
I will review them all first

Stay Tuned For More Welding Videos!

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