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Want to learn how to arc weld, RIGHT NOW?
* I'll help you get a great start with my ebook: "The Arc And Beyond!"
* It will tell you ALL about welding and related skills.

Having trouble with your:
1) Welding equipment? (your welder, your rod, your torch).
2) Welding techniques?
3) Welds breaking?
** My ebook will help you troubleshoot ALL those!**

You can "run good beads", but NOW WHAT?
I'll give you tips about:
1) Designing...
2) Obtaining materials...
3) Preparing to weld...
4) "Laying out" the job...
5) Deciding on the ORDER of assembly...
6) Helping you troubleshoot problems...
7) Plus tips about FINISHING the job!

*For $18.88 you get REAL help to become a great welder, for the price of a cheap welding helmet!

* You get advice from a journeyman level, certified welder who started welding more than 20 years ago!

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Just $18.88!

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