The First Strike:
Let Your Dream Begin!


* To help you THINK about better ways to do your projects...
* To help you FEEL more enthusiastic about welding...
* To help you DO something about your dreams!

* Dream it...
* Weld it...

I will include MANY THINGS in my newsletters:

1) Pictures of welding, both good & bad...
2) Pictures of newly posted projects...
3) Comments and questions from YOU!
4) Any winners of contests, when applicable...
5) My "Tip of the Day"...
6) Plus whatever else I WANT TO!

Have a look at the golf cart below:

The cart looks OK from a distance, BUT:
* Look at all the PICS below..
* If you don't weld very well, it can look like these pics!
* If you don't paint anything, rust happens.
* If YOU rode on the back of this, would YOU feel safe?

Need I say more? Just take care in your jobs. And RE-DO them if needed.

Photo by: "indigoprime at"

One of the latest project pictures from Flickr. Arc Welding skills are VERY USEFUL for the home AND the job. Just keep "plugging away" at your practice. And re-read all the pages on my website.

Your Latest Questions:

Can I use flux-cored welding on my car?
* Working on cars is one of the MAIN things guys do with flux cored welding! Just be aware of what materials you're welding.

How far off the metal do I go on a cutting torch?
* You don't want to be any closer than the edges of the inner blue flames. That can cause popping & plugging of the tip orifices. You can be slightly farther away & be OK.

What is the difference between a stringer bead and a weave bead?
* A stringer bead is considered just going in a straight line without weaving side to side. Stringers can be used for many jobs, including overhead, stainless, & thinner materials that don't need large beads or weaving.

MY TIP OF THE DAY: Modify your adjustable wrenches to handle more job sizes: (We did this to reduce weight, via carrying smaller & fewer wrenches).

"Idea of the Month Contest": * I know it's a new website & the contest is new, but HEY, it's FREE MONEY!
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* ANY IDEA relating to welding, cutting, tools, etc.

I'm open to ideas for this newsletter and my website!

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Welder Bud...
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