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Check out my current welding table below. Nothing fancy, but very usable. I've built a couple others, but this is just a beefed up Workmate.

My other work tables were bigger & heavier duty, but at the moment, "my corner" of the garage is limited by the contents of family stuff of a higher priority. Know what I mean?

Would YOU ride this bike?! If your welds look like this, please at least do some grinding & re-welding. Then grind it smoother. My welds don't always look great either, but I'll re-work them till they DO look better!

Rough sketches of your proposed project can help you to better visualize what you're doing & make some changes on paper before actually welding it up. A real time & energy saver!

If you can't SEE the puddle, you won't know what you're getting! Get closer, clean your lenses, & look slightly off to the side to keep away from smoke & fumes.

Here's a cheap flux cored welder for the average beginning welder. For some people it's THE way to start out. Great for learning the ropes. Great for the smaller jobs. But LIMITED for doing large projects.
Yes you can just run more beads & wait more for the duty cycle to re-set, but when you're ready to do much more stuff, you will UNDERSTAND that you want a bigger unit.

Your Latest Questions:
Can the fumes from welding hurt me?
* Fumes from any type of welding can be harmful, depending on the type, the amount, & the length of time.
* Galvanized metals can really be hard on you.
* Use the helmet as much as possible to help shield you.
* If it gets bad enough, I sometimes hold my breath, especially for galvanized items.
* Use a fan to help ventilate.
* If you're going to do extensive welding, as in a business, invest in some type of exhaust system. (Buy a high flow fan from Costco & install it at a gable or window).
* Smoking can add to the damages to your lungs, etc.

Any reviews for your "The Arc and Beyond" ebook?
* Not everyone writes reviews.
* Here's a real short one, after he downloaded the complete ebook:
"YAY! Got it, it's awesome! Thanks so much for your help Jess! :) Have a great week and see you around! Jason"

Does an arc welder have to warm up?
* Not really, but after it's ran for awhile you may need to re-adjust the settings. But most of the reason for that is because the metals you're welding have "warmed up" & may not need as high a setting as at first. Plus, your rod will be hotter & should start easier.

Can you close your eyes while welding?
* That's an interesting question:
* Sometimes you may have to tack weld where you cannot see.
* I've watched the guys on "Trucks" on TV tack like that sometimes.
* Many times though, you may not get a good tack that way.
* Yes, I've done it that way myself (either closed eyes or can't see what I'm tacking).
* Some experience with how it FEELS while welding, helps you to get a usable tack.
* I don't recommend it on a regular basis, but sometimes you have no choice.

Why does the welding rod stick to the metal sometimes?
* You may have the amperage a bit too low.
* You may have let the rod get too close to the parent metal (arc length too short).
* It's as simple as "if the 2 metals (the rod & the workpiece) are in contact & it's hot enough to have molten metal between them, they WILL STICK!

How long do I have to wait to use something I just welded?
* You don't really have to wait at all, except for it to get cool enough to handle.
* Many times, waiting a few seconds will allow the slag to be removed easier.
* Also, you may simply not want the workpiece hot for the next steps you take.

Remember that I am giving you qualified information! And that this is a great website! Pass it on! THANKS!

"Tip of the day:"
I really like this pic for my website home page, BUT if you have long hair, PLEASE secure it back somehow! Hair burns really fast, I've seen it happen. The next day he came to work with short hair!

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